• RTR-501

    RTR-501 Thermo Recorder

    Wireless Thermo Recorder

    The RTR-501, 502, and 503 are compact and durable data loggers featuring waterproof and dust proof construction.

  • RTR-57U

    RTR-57UData Logger

    Wireless Compact Waterproof Logger

    Our Revolutionary Wireless RTR-5 Series is a system wherein the data measured and recorded by the data logger units can be transmitted to any of our handy multi-functional Communication Interfaces (RTR-57U / RTR-50 / RTR-5W) via short wave radio communication.

  • TR-76UI


    CO2 Data Logger

    The "CO2 Recorder TR-76Ui" is a three-channel data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity.

  • TR-51i

    TR-51i Data Logger Infrared Communication

    Compact Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

    Our TR-5i Series data loggers are designed to measure and record temperature, voltage, 4-20mA, or pulse count.

  • TR-71W

    TR-71W Data Logger

    Network-Dedicated Temp/Humidity Logger

    Thermo Recorder TR-7W is a new type of Temperature & Humidity Data Logger that incorporates an Ethernet / LAN interface.